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It's that time of year. Here's a handy guide to set your garage up for winter!

Summer is fading away and cold weather will be here before we know it.

If you never got around to that garage organization project this

summer- don’t worry because you still have time! The cooler weather

makes fall the perfect time to get your space cleaned out and ready

for winter.

Here are a few tips to get the job done:

1. Put away summer tools and gear

2. Put cold-weather gear within reach

3. Remove items that shouldn’t be stored in your garage

4. Throw away broken items and garbage

5. Purge and donate unused or unwanted belongs

6. Still not feeling it? Hire an organizer to help you tackle your project- they will be

happy to help!

7. Pat yourself on the back because this winter you can finally

park the car in the garage- good job!

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