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Don't lose dollars by trying to save pennies!

Here are a few ways that you can get lost trying to save a few bucks while moving that will cost you in the long run and how to avoid them.

  • Don’t waste time trying to salvage old boxes when packing if they just aren’t the right size. Time equals money, so buy the right sized box instead of spending the extra time to try to force something that doesn’t fit.

  • Buy the high-quality tape so that you can use less! Cheap tape requires more tape. Don’t get stuck in this trap.

  • When packing, use bubble wrap for your fragile items instead of newspaper. The money that you will save on the bubble wrap won’t be enough to cover irreplaceable heirlooms when they break in transit!

Speaking of saving money, don’t forget to recycle or upcycle your packing materials at the end of your move!

Have moving/packing questions? Email them over to me at!

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